First of all, in theory, no one will be "active" drastically cuts. Lakers management to a 2 year $48500000 contract on the table, Kobe (micro blog) said: "no, I did not sign, earn so much money I can not, you still have a 2 years 30000000 of the contract." Is it possible? This fantasy scenes too anti human?

NBA (micro blog) exemplary conduct and nobility of character that is not, like San Antonio Duncan, Parke (micro blog), Ginobili and others, have been or are holding a lower than their market value salary. Duncan et al made sacrifices in personal interests, to ensure that the whole Spurs team and sustained competitiveness, they get to choose admirable. But, let us be realistic, think about it, they are "active" drastically cuts?

Take Duncan as an example, the actual situation is probably the case -- in 2007 October, the Spurs contract with Duncan, Popovich and general manager R.C. Buford had two copies of the contract on the table, is a 2 year 51000000, the other is 2 years 40000000, then Popovich told Duncan: if you choose the 51000000, we are still without demur, sign however, if we signed 51000000, so that two years, we will have no salary cap space to introduce high level players, Parke, Ginobili may take a, the Spurs will lose competitiveness, you know. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages, Duncan chose 40000000 of the contract.

Exemplary conduct and nobility of character is still the exemplary conduct and nobility of character, but think about the process, is not more common sense?

No one will be "active" get. These exemplary conduct and nobility of character to accept a pay cut of players, are in fact weigh the advantages and disadvantages to make "passive" selection. Duncan left Sanantonio, knows that he can earn more money, but left Sanantonio to any place, may not be able to have a coach like Popovich, may not have the Spurs this team atmosphere, they love each other and playing together, like a play to win, so I don't mind paying some money. They are not without any cause or reason to bear the loss, but because more on other aspects of the harvest -- honor, or habits and comfortable working environment.

Back to Kobe body. The current situation, not let Kobe see a champion again hope, if the management refused to make short-term rapid reinforcement team commitment (the Lakers did not make that commitment), why should Kobe get? The loss of salary, what can I get? If not what, why should the loss of salary?

Of course, get high salary, lost after the right to complain. Once again don't get the champion, cannot say the boss is not willing to pay, not money management. In Sanantonio, because Duncan, Parke, Ginobili all had paid, so the Spurs have a Leonard, a Danny Green, a split, so they went to the NBA Finals, so they are still the first. Do not cut down, there is no right or wrong, there are consequences.

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