By Chinese sponsored, history of the highest prize the world go Championship - Zhujiang Steel Cup World Chinese Chess Association Championship tournament will be held in Guangzhou from December 19th to 26. Today, the South Korean team selection contest all over, two the South Korean team all have. But due to scheduling reasons, the South Korean team of Li Shishi and Pu Tinghuan can only one person to compete in Guangzhou.

According to the contest rules, Zhujiang steel cup has four teams, respectively is: seeds, wild card team, non seeded team and individual registration team. Each team consists of three people.

Seeds are the strongest group, China, South Korea, Japan, China Taipei each have a. A wild card team asked team members over the age of 30, and must be a World Series championship experience. China, South Korea and Japan each detachment. Team to race seeded team outside of the countries and regions in non seeded team a total of 9 branches, five continents. Among them: 3 European, America 2, Asian 2, Australia 1, Africa 1. Separate registration team refers to does not belong to the team player, can apply for.

After receiving the notice of contest, the South Korean chess courtyard immediately begin to prepare for the team work, first determine the free choose players, the remaining number of trials. Li Shishi and Pu Tinghuan seeds, wild card team of Cao Xunxuan and Li Changgao, from the selected finalists squad

Seed team of 4 people attended the last month, according to the rankings were determined 3 - 6 Jin Zhixi, Cui Zhehan, Pu Yongxun, Jiang Dongrun to participate in the. A wild card team Co., a war Liu Changhe and Xu Fengzhu decided.

In 21 games, Cui Zhehan beat Pu Yongxun. The 22 day, Jiang Dongrun out of third in Korea, Jin Zhixi. Within 25 days of the selection in the final, Cui Zhehan beat Jiang Dongrun at hand 202 white, seed team.

In today's wild card team, Liu Changhe hand 274 White 2 and a half beat Xu Fengzhu, with Cao Xunxuan and Li Changgao to come to Guangzhou.

Although the South Korean team has produced, South Korea must replace the squad is now That's final. thing, Li Shishi and Pu Tinghuan can only have one person to compete in Guangzhou. Because of the conflict in South Korean chess tournament schedule with the world team championships.

Within 23 days of the Korean baduk League playoffs 3, 4 in the tournament, Xin'an defeated the Hangame team with 3 than 0, reaching the semi finals. The Xin'an team will and village team at the November 28-29 day, November 30-12 month 1 days, December 7-8 semi-final. The winning team will be in December 19-24 and T broad teams compete for the championship. Xin'an's Li Shishi and Guan Zhuang team Pu Tinghuan will definitely be conflict one league schedule and the world team competition schedule.

Guan Zhuang's Pu Tinghuan has said 19 held in the South Korean chess League playoff press conference: "if the schedule is conflict, I will abandon the Zhujiang Steel Cup, League."

Xin'an's Li Shishi did not attend the news conference, said that because of the cold body discomfort. His brother, Xin'an coach Li Xiangxun said: "as a coach I certainly put the League final as the biggest target. Li Shishi has a famous battle, Olleh cup competition recently, tight schedule, no time to talk with him in detail about it. Zhujiang steel cup schedule later. If the schedule, we maximize the consideration of players in my opinion." Until now, Li Shishi has not yet comment.

However, South Korea has been explicitly "ki enter the ranks of League finals player in Zhujiang Steel Cup notice, must participate in the finals. Squad team World Championship players determine rules, contest finals is preferred, followed by priority".

According to this provision, Li Shishi also did not have to stand up. If the Xin'an team into the finals, Pu Tinghuan came to Guangzhou, Jiang Dongrun on the bench.

This competition has a unique side, quite interesting. In all rounds of finals before, is a normal game, the two sides three on three game. But the final competition is brand new, is a bright spot. Final, 6 people playing a game of chess, each chess three person collective research decision. The final time is every 4.5 hours of contract.

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