Stern said he knew the two teams have played a "terrible start", although they have very high team salary, and like the sky like an unreachable expectations, but the president or persuade you to give the time.

When it comes to NBA is not required two teams to help New York, because NBA needs New York teams play well, so New York big market can help alliance prosperous topic, Stern smiled. He points out, many of the team's performance exceeded expectations, like the Celtics, 76 people, to see how they behave, they make this season is very interesting, even Nicks, the nets are both struggling.

"Everyone thinks the other team open season certainly downturn, poor performance, but they are not, in fact, Nicks, the nets, they did not exactly do people think they should do," Stern said in a radio interview, "so, let's give them a chance to get back on track come up. I don't know now that Anthony is not happy, but I am very happy."

"In the past 10 years we have been doing quite well, thank you," Stern said in the two team stability with lack of New York from the market success of the case, NBA still made their prosperity, "we are probably the only raised 40% sports on TV ratings. The last time we were in this stage, I have seen Nicks, nets, and their performance is not good. So we can, we do very well, thank you."

Stern said, he can understand the local fans of the two teams of the anxious mood.

"When I walk the streets in New York, if Nicks did not do well, each truck drivers were shouting at me 'Hey, Stern! Help Nicks!'" Stern said, "or, 'Hey, Stern, what happened to the own basket?'"

"By the way, this is a very long season, so I am not any conclusion, I only know that these two teams have had a really bad start, this is a fact, That's it."

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